Hello Warrior Band family,
The competitive season is in the books!  I know they say that March is "in like a lion, out like a lamb."  I'd say this marching season was "in like a lion, out like a fire-breathing dragon that also makes the weather very difficult."  Thanks to all who have helped us make it through the last few days...there were lots of last-minute adjustments and some fingers crossing for good weather.  I'm proud of the directors, students, and parents for working together to make Senior Night and BOA San Antonio happen.

Rehearsal schedule at-a-glance

Monday - Orchestra sectionals (McCann w/ Symphonic 3-5 in orchestra hall, DeMaagd w/ Philharmonic 3-4 in band hall)
Friday - 3-4pm


Tuesday November 3rd, 4:00pm-5:00pm
We are going to be taking professional section and individual photographs this upcoming Tuesday.  We are starting at 4:00pm for two reasons: we need time to set up the auditorium and we want students to have time to get in uniform and put on makeup, do their hair, etc.  For these photos, we will not be wearing shakos.  Students will also need their instrument.  At 4pm, we will start with sections that are complete on stage for a full section shot.  After that, they will filter off stage and go to a separate area to take individual photos.  Once these photos are taken, students will get out of their uniform, put their instrument away, and are released.
These photographs are going to be put up on a website called SmugMug.  This is a website that hosts photos and you can order the images on a bunch of different items like mugs, refrigerator magnets, mouse pads, bags, tiles, cooking aprons, etc.  There will be packages set up with a collection of prints and items.  More details will be available in the upcoming weeks.  

Football and rehearsal schedule from here on out...

A reminder about this week's game:  earlier in the season it was scheduled for Thursday but has since been moved to Friday.
Typically, we would rehearse on Thursday to prepare for the football game.  However, there is a forecast of 90% chance of thunderstorms.  In addition, the directors are judging JH All-Region later this evening.  So with all that in mind, we are going to do a focus rehearsal on Friday afterschool at 3pm.  We will have the Sundancers come out and do the new tune this week (Tio Macaco) and go over the routine for this week.  The schedule after this is as follows:
4pm - Rehearsal ends, TLC
5:15pm - Inspection
5:30pm - depart for North Crowley, 9100 South Hulen Street, Fort Worth, TX 76123
6:15pm - Arrive at NCHS
7:05pm - Alma Mater, fight song
7:35pm - Kickoff
~10:15pm - game ends, load truck
~10:45pm - depart NCHS
~11:15pm - Arrive at MHS, unload truck, hang uniforms, go home
With our team clinching a playoff spot, it is time to discuss the expectations for those games.  For games on the 12th-14th and 19th-21st, all students who are eligible are required to attend.  If we play over the Thanksgiving break, we expect that all students who are in town attend the game.  Students who are going out of town and will not be back on the 27th-28th after Thanksgiving need to email Mr. McCann AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  With the potential amount of missing students, we need extra time to plan the show for that.

All-City auditions - A call for parent help

We are hosting All-City auditions on November 9th.  Because this audition is 9-12, we need a LOT of parent support to make the auditions happen.  We will need parents to check in students to each room, monitor the auditions, post results, and help kids find their audition rooms.  We have the volunteer calendar set up to accept volunteers.  At this time, we need at least 20 more parents.  Monitoring the audition sounds scary but its REALLY easy.  We will have a meeting prior to the auditions to teach you how to do it.  Please please please help us out and sign up!

Macs at Martin donations

We are still accepting donations for silent auction items at Macs at Martin.  If you have something cool to donate, please email vicepresident@martinbbc.com.  
I think that's all for this week.  Now let's go learn some holiday concert music!!!