Hello Warrior Band family, 
And here we are...the last competitive week of the season!  In true Warrior fashion, it is going to be a busy one.  Without further ado, here are the important details...
Rehearsal Schedule at-a-glance
Monday - 3:00-4:30pm
Tuesday - 3:30-6:30pm
Thursday - 3:30-6:30pm

Band Spirit Week - Chili's on Cooper

We are having a friendly competition with Arlington HS Band at Chili's on Cooper Road by The Parks Mall.  From October 26th to October 29th, Martin Band will receive 10% of the receipts as long as you say you are there for Martin Band.  The group who brings in the most money will receive an additional 5%.  We have the potential to bring in a LOT of money for the bands...we hope to see you there this week!

Senior Night

October 30th @ UTA vs. Arlington
Pep Rally schedule
At lunch - change into black performance tee, marching shoes, and black socks
4th period - A day class begins (bring water jug for focus rehearsal)
2:20pm - pep rally begins
2:45pm - pep rally ends, move straight to field
2:55pm - focus rehearsal begins
4:00pm - focus rehearsal ends, TLC begins
5:15pm - Inspection begins
5:30pm - Depart for UTA Maverick Stadium
6:00pm - Arrive at UTA Maverick Stadium
7:15pm - Alma Mater, Fight song, National Anthem
7:35pm - Kickoff
~8:30pm - halftime - Senior recognition ceremony
In 4th quarter - exit stands with everything
End of game - play fight song, alma mater, then set up for a runthrough
At most 10 minutes after end of game - Full performance of show
Once show is done, load up Big Red, come back to MHS, hang uniforms, go home
SENIOR PARENTS - Please be at the game no later than 8pm. If you have not done your script, please do so ASAP.  I will be sending out emails tomorrow for those who have yet to turn theirs in.

BOA San Antonio Super Regional 

October 31st
5:15am - Inspection in auditorium with all performance items
5:45:am - Depart MHS
9:00am - Arrive at Nelson Field, 7400 Berkman Drive, Austin, TX 78752
9:30am - Focus rehearsal begins
11:00am - Focus rehearsal ends, reload truck, lunch
11:30am - Depart from Nelson Field 
1:15pm - Arrive at Alamodome, 100 Montana Street, San Antonio, TX 78203
1:55pm - Truck is allowed to unload at this time
2:25pm - Warmup begins
3:10pm - Warmup ends
3:30pm - Performance (3rd to last in final block of the day!)
3:45pm - exit field, go to photos
4:00pm - stay inside dome, find area to sit in stands for awards
4:30pm - awards
4:50pm - exit stadium, go to truck, deplume, find jackets, and load truck
5:10pm - walk back to buses, change into khaki shorts, black shoes.  Keep on performance tee.
5:40pm - Catered dinner inside Alamodome
6:30pm - Gates open to stadium
7:00pm - National Anthem
7:30pm - First finalist band performance
11:00pm - Last finalist band ends, band exits stadium and goes straight to buses
11:25pm - Directors pick up packet and get to bus
~11:45pm - Depart Alamodome for MHS
~5:30am (November 1st...daylight savings time kicks in) - Arrive at MHS, unload truck, hang up jackets, go home
Items that students need to bring:
Khaki shorts w/ black belt
Bus items (list is below)
Marching shoes w/ black socks, hatbox, colored shirt
Cash for concessions (we are feeding the kids breakfast, lunch, and dinner... but some will want to buy stale popcorn and unhealthy stadium dogs)
Snacks for the bus, if desired
Bus rules:
- Students will have an assigned seat.  Signups for buses will occur next week during lunchtime.  Seniors - Monday, Juniors - Tuesday, Sophomores - Wednesday, Freshman - Thursday
- Students will sign up in pairs.  The pair needs to be boy/boy or girl/girl.  
- Students are REQUIRED to sit in these seats every time we get back on the bus and when the sun is down.  
- Students may bring items on the bus that will help them stay comfortable.  A pillow and blanket are acceptable.  They may also bring a SMALL bag or backpack with snacks and/or items to keep them occupied on the bus.  
- RULE OF THUMB:  If you need to make 2-3 trips to get your belongings on the bus, YOU ARE BRINGING TOO MUCH STUFF.
- ANOTHER RULE OF THUMB: Don't bring anything you wouldn't mind losing.  The staff is not responsible for lost items.  
Many parents have asked... "May I pick up my student at the end of the evening?  We are staying in San Antonio through Sunday."
The answer is YES.  What you need to do is email Mr. McCann to let him know your plans.  On the night of the event, students will come back to the buses after finals.  Once the buses are loaded and the headcount is complete, students who are going with their families will take all of their things (uniform included) and check out with the director in charge of their bus.  
If you are taking your student, it MUST be communicated to Mr. McCann by Friday, October 30th by noon.      

On the horizon...

All-City is only 2 weeks away!!!  AISD is changing the band structure this year.  Instead of 11-12, 9-10, and 7-8 grade bands, the bands will now be 9-12, a 9th grade only, and 8th grade only.  The reason for this is because there are no longer 7th graders who will audition due to beginning band and the district wants to move toward the All-Region structure.  At this time, we do not know if there will be one or two 9-12 grade groups...that will be determined by the end of next week.  
Requirements for auditions are as follows:
10-12 graders - Students must have completed round 1 of the all-state cuts.  If not completed yet, students may record to charms to pass off the remaining cuts.
9th graders - If a student has completed all of round 1, they are allowed to audition for the 9-12 band.  If not, 9th graders must complete round 1 of the freshman cuts (first 3-5 cuts depending on instrument)
9-12th grade band audition date is November 9th.  9th grade only audition date is November 16th.  We will also need parents and students to help monitor the rooms...more details to come.

Macs at Martin and Silent Auction

December 1st 
We are revamping Macs at Martin to make it more like a dinner with a show...and a silent auction!  Each section of the band is making a basket that will be auctioned off.  I've heard of a few themes such as "Trombone's Favorite Things", "Movie Night", and "Chefs Starter Kit".  The section whose basket sells for the most money will earn lunch provided by Mr. McCann!  
But the baskets aren't enough...we are looking for donations of items to be auctioned off.  Things like concert or sporting event tickets, special experiences, discounts at various places, etc.  There might even be an item that would let you conduct the band at the final concert!  If you have items to auction off, please let Polly Guedry know at vicepresident@martinbbc.com
It's going to be an exciting week...let's make it a great one!!!