Hello Warrior Band family,

Band Camp 2015 is in the books! I'm very pleased with where the band is right now...Just under half of the show is on the field. The winds are getting stronger, the battery is gaining cohesiveness, and the guard is putting some amazing work together. But most importantly, I think the vibe of the group is a very POSITIVE one!

Rehearsal schedule for the week:
Monday-Wednesday - 5pm to 9pm

Teacher In-Service Performance
Monday, August 17th

We have been invited to play the fight song to get the faculty pumped up for teacher in-service . Call time for the performance is 8am in the auditorium. Uniform is summer polo (the same one used in the parade), khaki shorts, and white shoes. The kids should be released by 9am. This performance was sprung on us last minute...we want to represent as loud and proud as we can but if you have a prior commitment you are excused from this performance.

Premiere Night
Thursday, August 20th, 7pm
Student call time - 5pm
Uniform - summer polo, hat, khaki shorts, white athletic shoes

The annual end of band camp performance is this Thursday! We will start in the auditorium with a brief performance of new stand tunes and show music. The kids will transition outside while we discuss a few things. After a brief meeting, parents and friends will join the kids outside on the band grid to watch the students perform the show!

In the past, we have had an ice cream social after the show performance. The problem has always been keeping the ice cream.... solid. Instead, we are asking all freshman to bring cookies instead.

Lastly, after we get our fill of cookies, we go to Dave & Busters in the Arlington Highlands to unwind. Students should have already paid for their unlimited play cards. If not, they have to bring $15 in cash or check (made out to Martin BBC) on Monday night to give to Mrs. Parr. Students can opt out of the unlimited play card and go to hang out if they prefer. We usually stay until closing time...but please make sure you are picking your student up in a timely manner! Directors have to stay there until all kids are gone and we have more in-service at 8am the next day...

Band Registration Day wrap-up

In my 5 years at MHS, I think this Registration Day was the smoothest of them all! I appreciate all the positivity and patience everyone exhibited. For those of you who did not make it, I will be sending you an email to figure out a time to come in to give us paperwork and make payments on band fees. Also, it is IMPERATIVE that your student gets fitted for shoes, shako, and colored shirt ASAP so we can have the proper materials ready to go by competition time. We will have student helpers doing this during this week's rehearsal times.

That should be all for now. The school year is only 7 days away (WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO?!??!) and I'm very excited to keep working hard!