Hello Warrior Band family,
Band camp is in the books!  Thanks for everyone who came out to Premiere Night...if you missed out, you can see the performance at this link: https://youtu.be/wsY1IL0h4kc  Students, look for feet timing, PINK THING, and listen for equal energy across all members of the ensemble.
Rehearsal schedule at-a-glance:
Tuesday - 5pm-8pm
Thursday - 4:30pm-7:30pm
Saturday - 11am-1pm
Monday, August 24th, 5pm-8:30pm
Uniform - summer polo, khaki shorts, black belt, white socks and shoes
For those new to MHS, we have a huge pep rally called "First Event".  It always happens on the first day of school and takes place in Gym A.  In the other gyms, every club and organization sells their spirit items.  For the band, we will have a 5pm call time.  We will warm up, run through the songs we are playing in the pep rally, and then give the students some time to browse what is on sale.  The pep rally begins at 7:30pm and should last around 30-45 minutes.  For parents, it is free to enter but get there early to get your spot in the gym...it fills up very fast!
Saturday, August 29th, 4pm kickoff
Uniform - Summer polo, khaki hat, khaki shorts, black belt, white socks and shoes
11am - Focus rehearsal
1pm - rehearsal ends, truck loading and tailgate begins
1:50pm - Inspection begins (auditorium)
2:15pm - Load buses and depart
2:45pm - Arrive at Vernon Newsom Stadium, 3700 East Broad Street, Mansfield, TX 76063
3:15pm - Enter stands, warm-up
3:50pm - Alma Mater, Fight Song, National Anthem
4:00pm - KICKOFF
Approx. 7pm - Load buses
7:30pm - Arrive at MHS, unload truck, dismissal meeting in auditorium
7:45pm - dismissal
Game notes:
ESPN2 will be at Newsom to broadcast this game NATIONWIDE!  This means a few things:  first off, we have to look and sound great!  Students will not march if they are missing ANY part of their summer uniform...belts and white shoes included.  Secondly, TV games typically take much longer due to commercial timeouts, hence the approximation of 6:30pm end time.  Be prepared for that to be later...I will be sure to tweet out once we are leaving Newsom.  Lastly, it is going to be 96* at kickoff (yikes!!)  It is REQUIRED that your student brings their red cooler to the game.  We have our water crew overstaffed for this game knowing that we will have to refill coolers throughout the day.  It wouldn't hurt to bring a towel to wrap around the neck to stay cool as well...I know I will be doing that!
Don't forget...we have our Carnegie Hall meeting a week from Monday.  It is REQUIRED for all kids who are in 1st band (or who might get into 1st band) and any other students who are interested in going on the trip.  
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and let's have a great first week of school!!!