Hello Warrior Band family,
I hope you are enjoying your 3-day weekend! The football game on Friday was a close one but the band did great. The show had some vast improvements in certain areas. Check it out at https://youtu.be/hmfMBcPF_70

Rehearsal schedule at-a-glance

Tuesday (dress out day) - 3pm-6pm
Thursday (dress out day) - 3pm-6pm

Dress out days...what are they?

For those of you new to the program, you see "dress out day" on the calendar and probably wonder what that means.  With all kids in the A-day class 4th period, we have the opportunity to do rehearsal on the football field.  Students are expected to get into their rehearsal clothes for the rest of the day and we give them an extra 15 minutes at the beginning of class. Students are called to attention at 1:30pm on the curb. 
When 4th period ends at 2:45pm, the rehearsal transitions to the band grid. We give kids a 15-minute break to go inside to cool off or to hang out on the hill in the shade while the non-band students leave for the day.  It also gives us an opportunity to shoo cars off the band grid.


Concern is growing over our Papa Johns fundraiser.  We have budgeted an income of $11,000 from this fundraiser. To date, less than $2000 has been turned in.  Friends, we cannot do what we do without 100% participation.  Band fees would have to go up if we do not pull our own weight in all fundraising. Be sure to tell people that the card pays for itself after ONE large order...It's a great bargain!

Tailgate - A clarification

The boosters would like to clarify some details about tailgate.  We are having kids come up with cash when tailgate is happening and it is causing headaches for the parents.  Tailgate is not a "pay as you go" thing because our parents need to know exact numbers so they order enough food for everyone but not so much that there is a lot of waste.  If your student isn't in tailgate and would like to get in, please get in touch with Charlotte Parr at vicepresident@martinbbc.com.


As we enter our 3rd week of the first 6 weeks, the directors have been checking grades.  We already have over 50 students that are "on our radar" (74 and below in regular class, 64 and below in Pre-AP or AP class).  We will be speaking with your students one-on-one to raise their awareness about their grades.  At the beginning of week 4, we will require all students who are on the radar to attend lunch-time tutorials.  They will come to the band hall starting at 12:18pm and stay until 12:45pm to do required homework and study time.  Once students have 75s or 65s and leave our radar, they are out of tutorials.
The success of the band program relies on ALL STUDENTS BEING ELIGIBLE.  We will do all in our power to make sure your students stay on top of their grades but ultimately it is their responsibility.  As a wise person once said, "I can only show you the door.  You are the one who must walk through it."

NYC trip forms 

All forms for the NYC trip are due by Friday!  This includes scholarship items as well as initial deposits.  Scholarship forms go into the booster mailbox and all trip deposits and forms go to Mr. McCann.

Football vs. South Grand Prairie

(no pep rally, B Day)
  • 2:45pm - class ends
  • 3pm - All students on field (WWs have 15 minutes to dress out and be on field, STRONGLY SUGGESTED they dress out during lunch)
  • 4pm - Rehearsal ends, TLC begins
  • 5:20pm - Inspection begins
  • 5:30pm - Depart for Grand Prairie HS, 101 High School Drive, Grand Prairie, TX 75050
  • 6:15pm - Arrive at GP HS
  • 7:30pm - Kickoff
  • ~10:30pm - Game ends
  • 11:00pm - Depart from GP HS
  • 11:30pm - Arrive at Martin HS, dismissed from buses
That should be it for now...  Parents, don't forget we have a general boosters meeting tomorrow at 7pm in the band hall.