Hello Warrior Band family,
Thanks to all for a great Junior High Night!  The directors at Boles and Young said that it was really well run and their students had a great time.  The pregame routine was VERY rushed but I'm proud of how the kids handled the pressure.  A video of the pregame performance can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dw4NG3t4z4E&feature=youtu.be

Rehearsal schedule at-a-glance

Monday - 3pm-6pm
Thursday - 3pm-6pm
Friday - 3:30pm-5:30pm

Holes, holes, holes...

We are struggling right now with at least 10-15 people missing from practice or sitting out every day.  Regardless of excuses, it is impossible for the band to get better when there are holes in the drill, especially in this part of the season where we are tightening down formations.  When a student is missing and we fix drill, the people around that hole learn it one way.  When the student comes back, they have to relearn it which wastes time...a commodity that is rapidly dwindling.  I implore all families to schedule your appointments, gatherings, special events, etc on WEDNESDAYS.  We cannot expect to place high when we have so many kids missing.

Now that it is fall weather...

First and foremost, make sure your kids are staying healthy!  Good meals, lots of water, vitamin C, all that jazz.  Secondly, as we FINALLY enter into the cold season, we will have students who will want to wear jackets and bring blankets to games.  In the past, it has been open season on clothing items and the band looks unprofessional with the myriad of colors (this year's show notwithstanding).  I ask for your help...I ask that all cold weather gear that the kids would bring into the stands be in Martin colors...black, white, grey, or red.  No more bright yellow, pink, camouflage, etc.  Let's step up our image!
There is a chance for inclement weather this weekend.  There is a high likelihood your student will receive their poncho this week.  A note about these ponchos...once a student takes ownership of their poncho, it is theirs to keep.  They will NOT be staying at MHS and get dried out in the auditorium...they are now the responsibility of the student.  The small bag that they come in will probably not suffice for a storage container once used.  I'd suggest getting at large zip-loc bag for storage.

Band placements winding down

A reminder...band placements will be locked in a week from this Monday on October 26th.  Students can still do 3 recorded charms passoffs per week.  Students who are tied and/or close in passed off cuts MAY be asked to do a blind live audition for the directors.  
That being said...this does not mean that all-state music is done!  Kids should still be trying to pass off enough cuts to be allowed to audition for All-City and All-Region.  For 9-10th grade All-City, students need to pass of the freshman cuts (3-4 depending on instrument).  For 11-12th grade All City, students need to get through the first round of their cuts (9 in total).  For 9th Grade All-Region, students need to pass off freshman cuts.  For 10-12th grade All-Region, students need to pass off all of round 1.  Freshman who have passed off all 9 cuts in round one are allowed to try out for the 10-12th grade region.  If they don't make it in those bands, they do 9th grade auditions later in the day.  
This may be confusing to some...I will put together a flow chart that should clear it up.

UIL - Tuesday, October 20th

**Bring all performance items to school in the morning**
  • At lunch - change into rehearsal gear
  • 1:15pm - A-day class begins, students should be on field at this time
  • 2:55pm - rehearsal ends, be off of field by 3pm.  No tailgate but snacks for bus will be provided
  • 4:00pm - Inspection begins
  • 4:15pm - Depart for Pennington Field, 1501 Central Dr., Bedford TX 76022
  • 4:45pm - Arrive at Pennington Field
  • 5:35pm - Warmup
  • 6:15pm - PERFORMANCE
  • 6:30pm - Exit field, load truck, get on bus
  • 7:00pm - Depart for MHS
  • 7:30pm - Arrive at MHS, unload truck, hang up uniforms, go home and do homework
For parents attending the show - parking is located on the EAST side of the stadium.  Adult tickets are $5 and seniors/children are $3.

Football vs. Paschal @ AT&T and Duncanville Marching Invitational

Saturday, October 24th
I have had many parents ask why we are doing so much in one day.  Normally, this weekend would be Area UIL and if it was a state year, we wouldn't be doing the football game.  However, since we are in town and its an early game, we will be there.  In addition, the judging panel for Duncanville is top-notch (Blue Devils and Carolina Crown staff, Dr. Earnhart as well) and I know we will get great feedback for us to use to get our show ready for BOA.  I will say this:  I wouldn't have planned this day if I didn't think the kids and parents couldn't make it a success.  It will be a long day but very rewarding!!!!
  • 8am - Call time at MHS
  • 8:30am - Depart MHS for AT@T Stadium
  • 9am - Arrive at AT&T Stadium, begin the rigamarole of getting into the stands 
  • 11am - Kickoff
  • ~12:30pm - Halftime performance
  • ~12:40pm - Exit field, load truck, walk out of stadium and go to buses (not staying for 3rd and 4th quarter)
  • 1:15pm - Truck is loaded, departs for Duncanville HS
  • 1:30pm - Buses loaded, depart for Duncanville HS
  • 2:00pm - Arrive at Duncanville HS, go directly to lunch area
  • 4:15pm - Warmup begins
  • 6:00pm - Duncanville Exhibition
  • 6:15pm - Awards
If we make finals, the schedule will depend on finals performance time.  Dinner may be before or after finals performance.  TCU exhibition performance is at 10:15pm, awards are at 10:30pm.  We would be home approximately 11:45pm.  If we do not make finals, we would have dinner, pack up and come home.  Dismissal would be approximately 8pm.
Two weeks left...let's finish STRONG!!!!!!